The Dis/Appeared

“The Dis/Appeared” (2018) is an experimental video essay that examines the totalizing imposition of colonial perception in contemporary Palestine. The project theorizes the Israeli state’s establishment of perceptual regimes that confine the colonized to the liminal thresholds of view, never allowing Palestinians to entirely appear or disappear but instead […]

Antisocial Media

Antisocial Media is not a collection of networks, but an antisocial relation among people, mediated by networks. It is the historical movement in which we are caught. Antisocial Media is the moment when the network has attained the total occupation of antisocial life. Considered in its own terms, Antisocial Media is the affirmation of networks and the affirmation of […]

10 Preliminary Theses on Resistance

1. Resistance against Trump will first become manifest in radical acts of negation. Sabotage this. Slow down that. Undermine a process. Raise questions. Draw lines. Flood systems. Destroy records. Overwhelm institutions. Withdraw your consent. Waste their time. Blockade everything. As Trump tears down the world around him in order to build his own from the wreckage, resistance will necessarily take shape first in spontaneous and audacious refusals […]

10 Preliminary Theses on Trump

1. Trump’s power is fundamentally virtual in form. Propose this, suggest that, lie about yesterday, declare the inevitability of that which is yet to come, retreat from one position while advancing on two more, contradict oneself, tweet about the greatest possible number of arbitrary things, attack, provoke, feign movement, never apologize or restrain oneself, hint at gesture, sound the dog whistle, appear still, expand interpretations, proliferate noise […]